Pest O Flash

Flying insect control system  made by  Pest Control India Pvt Ltd

A proven approach  to killing flies  conveniently and hygienically.

Rugged 2.2KV transformer  with 500 PF,  7.5KV condensor, 2 No's 24" UV tubes, a unique custom-built combination subjected to high-voltage breakdown test and time-test.

Neat and tidy copper wiring with schematic drawing for ease in repairs.


Models available :-  

High-Line Ceiling(HLC),    (Industrial model) 

Size- 62.5cm  L x 16cm  W x 69cm H   Tray size- 62.5cm  L x 32.5 cm  W x 3.5cm H


Low-Line(LL), (sleek model),   mount on wall or ceiling as required.

Size- 62.5cm  L x 16cm  W x 40.5cm H  Tray size- 62.5cm  L x 25 cm  W x 3.5cm H